Videoconferencing with face-to-face quality is now accessible in the cloud with handMEETING

Alhambra-Eidos, through its new handMEETING service, has conference rooms in the cloud for multi-point videoconferencing with several participants.
No investment is required, and deployment is very easy. Our solution exploits the power of new mobile devices and of our rooms to offer high-definition quality in each of them. Our technology also adapts to the lines' bandwidth, allowing for high quality even with xDSL and 3G.
There are two types of rooms, according to your business, although their features can be increased with additional services at any time.

  • Mobility-oriented room: You can connect your tablet or iPhone to other desktop clients in your PC and even to your legacy room device.
  • Business room: You can connect a great number of concurrent users, mobile or not. This room can be configured according to your company's requirements. You can split it in two, establish point-to-point meetings with different specific users, and even record meetings or broadcast them on the Internet for users with access to watch.

In both rooms, you can connect several users by phone through a 902 number.

Since this is a cloud service, it does not require any investment or the installation of any equipment in your datacenter.

The use of this type of service is increasing constantly: training and content broadcast, recruiting, recording video sessions for compliance or legal issues, and, of course, those meetings that avoid unnecessary traveling.

handMEETING partners

Vidyo Huawei

handMEETING Clients

  • Aktua
  • Praxis
  • Petchey Leisure
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