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In Alhambra-Eidos, we integrate, manage, and maintain the most powerful range of technological services and solutions for your business. Our projects have a single goal: to help the company or the public agency that trusts us in using technology as a productivity tool.


Use IT Messaging (Saas – On Premise) es una potente solución de servidor de fax.  Por primera vez en la historia, se presenta un servidor de fax multiempresa con carácter Internacional, que puede ser instalado en la nube para que los Proveedores de Servicios o Enterprise basen en él su estrategia de negocio de fax.


FlowVox is a new Operator Panel and CTI software application designed for Asterisk-based PBX systems, with an easy-to-use interface for managing phone calls processed via Asterisk: make, receive, park, transfer, and conference calls with simple, smooth drag-and-drop or right-click mouse operations.


Our global communications platform, Handvox, is a multi-channel messaging solution that allows full management of incoming/outgoing communications through any of the existing channels: voice, fax, SMS, email.


You can have your own virtual learning center everywhere and at all times with the reliability provided by Almagesto, a pioneering e-Learning platform. We offer different modalities according to your organization's needs for online training.

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